4404 Burns Road, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Phone: (561) 630-1100


The City of Palm Beach Gardens Recreation Division strives to provide quality diverse recreational programs and opportunities for the community we serve. We are proud to enhance the quality of life for all participants through recreation, sports, leisure and cultural activities. Dance, art and wellness programs for adults and children are varied for beginners and advanced participants.


The City is also proud to present GardensArt, its award winning art in public places program founded in 1989. These rotating exhibits provide residents and employees of the City of Palm Beach Gardens contact with a broad spectrum of high quality artwork through varied techniques and mediums. The work of local as well as nationally recognized artists become part of visitors and employees everyday visual experience. Residents and visitors to the City of Palm Beach Gardens have expressed their appreciation and enthusiasm for these stimulating art exhibitions featured at City Hall Lobby, Burns Road Recreation Center and Sandhill Crane Golf Clubhouse.